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Paddling straight with stand up paddle

How to row right, it is always good to watch some videos that teach you to paddle right in stand up paddle without zigzagging.
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Now for some videos describing different paddling methods. Here is the explanation of this first video. To advance straight, you must paddle on one side, then the other. On average, we do 3 – 4 strokes on one side, then 3 – 4 strokes on the other. This limits the row effect (board rotation). It is necessary to seek paddle entry far ahead by leaning slightly forward. Arms must be tense to obtain good leverage: pull with your lower arm and push with your upper arm. Paddle stroke should end at foot level.

Comment ramer le plus droit possible en stand up paddle

In this second video, we explain different methods for sup straight paddling, either by changing sides often without changing hands, and by using the direction of the paddle to steer.

This shows how to paddle straight (without a “row effect”) even on a small board. This is the secret of sup in surfing to be able to position yourself for take-off, and for take-off itself.
1.Your upper hand goes out to the side of the board, holding the handle vertical.
2.Pull the blade towards the board with your lower hand.
3.Place the blade at an attack angle, half-facing the board at the beginning.
4.Move along an arc to finish parallel to the rail.
5.The blade must leave the water at foot level, not further back.
6.Keep your lower hand tight to control the blade.
7.Make short, energetic movements. The effort should be made by the body, not the arms.

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