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Le paddle kayak gonflable par Aquatone
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Aquatone inflatable paddle boards

Aquatone's inflatable paddle board / kayak hybrids are proof that the SUP market is constantly changing with new boards that push the envelope of innovation always further.
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Every year, stand up paddle brands such as Aquatone come up with boards with great value for money and amazing looks. Aquatone is a new brand whose aim is to make simple yet quality inflatable paddle boards that come in at really affordable prices and whose design is inspired by the sea and nature. Aquatone SUP boards are definitely a great option to get on the water and explore new horizons.

And even if the name doesn’t ring a bell, Aquatone is not entirely new to the SUP industry. Aquatone is a subsidiary of Aztron, a stand up paddle brand which has gained fame for manufacturing double-chamber boards at affordable prices. Although Aquatone boards come with all the necessary kit for stand up paddling, three models stand out because they can double as kayaks and are delivered with all the accessories to do so, which is quite uncommon. These kayaks/SUPs are designed for users of all levels, whether they are new to the sport or experienced riders. So if you were undecided about whether to go for a paddle board or a kayak, well think no more: thanks to Aquatone you can go both stand up paddling and kayaking with one product.

Stylish paddle boards, Aquatone’s Wave range

Aquatone SUP boards are both versatile and stylish thanks to their sea and nature-inspired looks. The 3 SUP/kayak packages are avaialble in several colours and sizes to meet the needs of all paddlers.

Le Sup Paddle Gonflable Aquatone Wave Plus 11.0

Sup Paddle Gonflable Aquatone Wave Plus 11.0

Sup Paddle Gonflable Aquatone Wave 10.6

Sup Paddle Gonflable Aquatone Wave 10.6

Sup Paddle Gonflable Aquatone Wave 10.0

Sup Paddle Gonflable Aquatone Wave 10.0

Technical features

Aquatone inflatable SUP are made of high-quality PVC for increased stiffness and air pressure (15 psi). The wide design (81 cm), paired with a stiffness of 15 cm, allows for a maximum weight of 145 kg. Besides, the boards feature a stringer which adds extra stiffness and stability and makes gliding smooth and easy. Aquatone SUP inflatables are designed for all kinds of water bodies: sea, lakes and even choppy waters.


  • Comfy footpad in 4 mm EVA for increased stability
  • Robust carry handle in neoprene for easy transport
  • Bungee system to secure accessories while on the water
  • Centre fin provides ultimate and effortless glide
  • D-rings allow for a kayak seat to be attached


Aquatone kayak/paddle board inflatables come with all the necessary equipment to get on the water:

  • Convertible SUP/kayak paddle
  • Double action pump
  • Carry bag
  • Leash
  • Fin

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