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What is stand up paddle or Sup ?

Stand up paddle (or sup) is a sport that consists of rowing standing on a large board. The board is wide, surf style, and we advance with a paddle.

There are two large families of sup. There is rigid stand up paddle and inflatable stand up paddle. You can find models of inflatable paddle from 300 euros. The price of a board can go up for some sup rigid to more than 3000 euros. These are high-end boards.


The stand up paddle is at the origin of the modern surfing. It was the Polynesian kings who were the first to take standing waves with big boards made of wood and with a paddle. In the 1940s, it was Duke Kahanamoku and the Waikiki Beach Boys in Hawaii who used this type of board. They took photos with the tourists at the line up or surfing in the small waves. In the 2000s, Laird Hamilton and Dave Kalama revived the discipline. They use paddle to maintain their body of waterman the days without waves. Then they used it to go surf the big waves.


The walk or the hike is the easiest discipline to start stand up paddle or sup. It consists of using a board hard or inflatable to navigate a calm water. The big advantage is that it is accessible to all and will give you an unobstructed view of the landscape. In terms of equipment, it is advisable to have a wide and long board for better stability.

Surfing in the waves is about taking the waves off and off by rowing with the paddle. You can have a radical style with little boards or more crusing as longboard with longer boards. The advantage over normal surf is that it is easier to take waves, you do not need to get up and we see the waves arrive before everyone else.

The race is the most physical practice because it’s all about speed and endurance. For this, you need a long and very thin board to split the water and have a minimum of friction. If the race is long, endurance will also make the difference against other competitors.


Everyone, from 7 to 77, whether you are a man or a woman. Democratization proves it every day because we are more and more numerous to cross on the water. Many surfers like the sup because it’s a way to stay in shape on days without waves and to discover new sensations of gliding. Women love the ride and cardio side to maintain their bodies.


Nothing more simple, a board, a paddle, a leash and a good mood. If you go on long sea trips or fishing, the advice is to put a lifejacket, a waterproof pouch with a cellphone, water and cereal bars. In case of cold water, a combination is also a good idea to prolong the pleasure.

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