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Our Supskin Wolfgang Otfried Leeb interview video

Discover our new series of interview videos and meet Wolfgang Otfried Leeb, founder of the drysuit brand Supskin.
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Wolfgang Otfried Leeb, what is a Supskin?

A Supskin is a performance cold water wear that you can use being on a stand up paddle board or being in a cold water and if you do falling you stay dry and confortable.

What are the different Supskin?

We have different model line depending on the conditions and on the area you are paddling. Beggining with a very light called XLight performance suit that has only 500g . You can bring it even in cold in summer days. We have a medium suits called Dynamic for training or easy touring. And then we have warm and confortable like winter water suit called Ultimate. For people who goes on the river and white water we also have a suits called Magic. That’s actually the only real dry suits with a latex neck seal.

How and when can we use a Supskin?

So depending on the sport and every sport has it’s specific performance wear. You can use a Supskin for on the week-end with your family being outdoor just having fun or you can also use it for expeditions, tourings or racing or training for race .

How the Supskin are made?

Well, when we started Supskin 8 years ago our main focus was to produce eco friendly. Sustainable hight quality product thath the owner can use many many years. And we also offer repair service to extent the life spend of those products. And the focus on the fabric we use wich is an european made on fabric is more on the performing functionnality. Tthan on like being submerge in the water functionnality. Si it is not a survival suit , it is a  stand up paddling exercice performing suit. That’s how we call it.

Wolfgang Otfried Leeb, what technology is used in a Supskin?

When we go into details, we used a three layer or two layer fabrics. what does that mean? A 3 layer fabric has an outer layer that gives the suit the form and the color. And then there is a membrane in between, that’s keep the water out, and let’s the moist your sweat vapor through outside. Then there is an inner layer.  And with the 2 layers fabric, for the X light  for example. The inalayer is missing, so it’s the only the outlayer fabric for the color and for water reppelency and the membrane itself wich is a little beat more fragile. And depending of the combination of three or two fabrics you get a different performing product.

And we had to focus on the water coluum that keeps the water out if you fall in.  The main focus was on a higher breathability, so we can  wait trough this fabric about 21 liters in 24 hours. When you do run and stand up paddling is more like an outdoor exercice it is not like surfing where you need a wetsuit because you are in the water like more than 60% of your time  or 70%. You need a fabric that let’s the sweat out. Otherwise you loose energy and performance.

The final word?

When we start Supskin I was focus actually on cold water performing wear that helps me. Myself for extending my training, in the cold time, in the period in Austria when there is snow and ice, frozen lakes.  I realized that a wetsuit will not do the job and heavy duty kayak or sailing suit is not the best solution either. So I started making the first Supskin suit,  it was just for me, for myself. Then we realize, stand up paddling is such a great sport, that will grow worldwilde and not only in the warm areas like Maui. So all this people out there will have the same problem I had.  They need to be safe,  comfortable and still enjoying their time on a sup board. And then, my wife and I,  we started going into it and you kwnow starting a brand calling it Supskin because it was for us, as moutain people, we had this idea of Supskin will be a great name for that.

And until today we are focusing on this environmental idea take like Patagonia does. You know, we want to repair the product, not throw it away and we just want to make the stand up paddle world a big community on the water. We want to share our experience, so we are basically more in the development and you know, area focus than on the core business side of it. And so, what really makes us happy my wife and me, hundreds and hundreds of emails and pictures from all over the world from people who like our products, to rely on our products, enjoy their time and they called themselves supskinners. And that makes us very proud. So, great to have you out there and yeah envoy your time on the water.

Thank’s to Wolfgang Otfried Leeb.

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