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How to prepare for the GlaGla Race 2020 ?

71 days to go before the GlaGla Race 2020 and time goes fast, it's time to register if you want to better prepare your stay at Lake Annecy.
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The 7th annual edition of this unique event looks set to attract one of the largest fields in the world, with a stunning backdrop of snow-covered mountains providing a picturesque paddling experience for the 800 competitors expected on the start line in Talloires, Lake Annecy.

1. Register, the first step to mark your commitment to the challenge !

Buy online via the quick registration module : https://www.weezevent.com/glagla-race-2020.
If it doesn’work send an e-mail to info@alpinelakestour.com

2. Book you stay at le Grand Bornand

Le Grand Bornand is a village and ski resort only 30 km from Talloires ! You are coming to Lake Annecy in the middle of winter for the GlaGla Race, you can enrich your experience by staying a few more days and going skiing at Le Grand Bornand! Le Grand Bornand is offering all GlaGla Race 2020 registrants a 35% discount on ski passes for people staying 2 days or more at The Grand Bornand. For more information and to book your stay, you can talk to Perrine or send her a message. ( tel : 0033 (0)4 50 02 78 06 or via Le Grand Bornand website )

How to prepare for the GlaGla Race 2020 ?

3. Book your accommodation

To get a nice accommodation close to the beach of Talloires (where the GlaGla Race is taking place), book your accommodation quickly ! A few recommandations : in Talloires : Les Alerions & Florimontane. You can also check the special GlaGla Race page made by Lake Annecy Tourist office or check Les sources du lac website.

4. Check safety instructions

The GlaGla Race is open to competitors of all levels but as it’s happening in the middle of winter it may be cold and the water temperature is around 4 to 6°c (39 to 43 F) and so you need a dry suit or wetsuit and a good warm up. Safety instructions in English are here.

How to prepare for the GlaGla Race 2020 ?

5. Make you check list

Making your check list enables you to be 100% ready before leaving, it also gets you in the mind of the race, it’s like you are already there, getting focused before the start signal is issued !

6. Build your training program

It getting colder and harder to go out so the GlaGla Race is a good way to get motivated to train when it’s getting cold and stay in a good shape and enjoy the pleasure of doing things that you would not have done otherwise.

How to prepare for the GlaGla Race 2020 ?

7. Motivate your friends! It’s easier and more fun when we are numerous

The GlaGla Race is a more than a race, it’s a experience that you can share with friends and in which you will make new friends ! Rare moments and memories for life !

8. Share photos & videos about your training sessions for the GlaGla Race !

People come from many countries for the GlaGla Race (22 in 2019), sharing your photos and videos about your training is a nice way to get in touch with other participants ! You can share them on the Alpine Lakes Tour Facebook page or on the Alpine Lakes tour group page ! Contact the organisers if you have more ideas or questions  : info@alpinelakestour.com
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