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GlaGla Race 2020, registration is now open

Paddling under the snow in the Alps on a water at 4 degrees Celsius is possible, registration is now open to the GlaGla Race 2020.
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The humble GlaGla Race has become something of a stand up paddling phenomenon. Held in a quiet corner of France in the freezing cold depths of winter, this amazing race has officially become one of the biggest in the world after a record 650 paddlers signed up for the 2019 adventure. Are you ready for this funny & friendly challenge ?

Le Grand Bornand, new partner !
Come for the GlaGla Race and stay one day, 3 days or a whole to ski ! Special discount on skipasses for all GlaGla Race 2020 participants !

Short distance
6 km to be confirmed.
The short distance course is very similar to the 2019 version. La courte distance est très semblable à la version 2019.

Safety requirements
The GlaGla Race will occur on a very cold day (-10°c early in the morning last year). You have to wear a life jacket, a Long John wetsuit (or a drysuit, we recommand SUPSKIN, our partner!). You also need a leash and a life blancket + anything sweet (sugar, candy bar, etc.). The lake temperature is usually at 4 to 6°C.

Required documents
You have to print your ticket (that Weezent our provider of the registration tool sent you) and show it at the welcome desk. You also need your passport or an ID that we keep and give back when you return your bib. You also need a 2€ coin to get to get an « eco cup » which is re-usable glass that we’ll give back when you return the glass.

Retour sur la GlaGla race 2019 épreuve de l'Alpine Lakes Tour

Retour sur la GlaGla race 2019 épreuve de l'Alpine Lakes Tour

Retour sur la GlaGla Race 2018, une beau défi sportif pour cette édition

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