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Gilet de flotaison gonflable Secumar Free 100
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Inflatable rescue device Secumar Free 100

Inflatable rescue device Secumar Free 100 for swimmers, stand up paddlers and all watersports on and in the water.
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A safety net and padded floor is always reassuring for acrobats and so it is with the Secumar Free 100 lifesaver for swimmers and others that would like to be safe in the water. Free swimming in open water can often bring sudden problems such as cramps or adverse currents.

But now there is the Secumar Free 100the latest in the 50 Newton buoyancy class – that looks like a slightly fattish belt with an inflatable bladder neatly folded into it, but tests have shown that it barely inhibits swimming. However, in case of emergency, the bladder can easily be pulled out of its pocket and placed directly over the head, the CO2 cylinder is then manually operated, inflating the lifejacket thereby stabilising the lifejacket and the person in trouble.

This type of lifesaver is already extremely popular on the other side of the Atlantic and is the most used in the USA. Although 150N and 275N class are more suitable for the majority of watersport activities, the Secumar Free 100 is a great back-up system for local inshore use as well of course for swimmers, stand up paddleboarders or surfers, the lifejacket being contained in the waist belt, leaving the upper body completely free.

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