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Sup Nation Challenge 2020

Sup Nation Challenge 2020

Sup Nation Challenge 2020, remote stand up paddle race competition on an available water body anywhere in the world at a time convenient for you.
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Compilation of workouts, races, fun and even fundraising. Everyone is welcome from beginners to pros. This is a challenge for all of us, participants, organizers and supporters. This is a sup race challenge of maintaining an adventurous, optimistic and inspirational spirit in all conditions, real or unreal, the choice of how you perceive it is you own.

We cannot guarantee the 100% accuracy of all results submitted because the circumstances in which they are achieved cannot be identical, only similar. Therefore, please do not take this challenge too seriously – this is a sporting adventure, following the Olympic principles, not the Olympic Games themselves! Take personal responsibility for your health, abide by your nation’s guidelines around social distancing, respect other competitors, organizers and supporters remotely and follow the Rulebook honestly.

● Appropriate SUP equipment
● Accessible water body (river, canal, lake, ocean or sea)
● Smart device with GPS tracking capability connected with sports activity app
● Read the Rulebook
● Register your participation
● Choose the distance of the selected race at the spot and time you want
● Make half of the distance in one direction and the other half back to the starting point.
● Record your result using your tracking device
● Submit it to the organizers digitally
● Provide an opportunity to submit the recorded results of the races
● Compile, check and analyze results
● Group results in rankings to determine both the winners of each individual stage and the overall ranking in all nominations
● Send real medals and cups to the winners, as well as provide the swag box and prize fund for awards.
● Send a participation certificate to each participant, regardless of the place in the ranking
● Provide a virtual space for chats and discussions of competitors

Organizer provides Prize fund. There are no cash prizes.

In order to increase mutual trust and adherence to the principles of fair play the winners will be randomly selected from anonymous results submitted (not competitors).

  • 10 free Life Membership registrations to the Summer season
  • 10 free Repeated Gold registrations to the Summer season
  • 10 free Repeated Silver registrations to the Summer season
  • Special prizes from Organizer.

More informations on supnationchallenge.org

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