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Positioning your stand up paddle fin on a race board

Positioning your center fin on a stand up paddle board is not obvious to everyone, especially on a race.
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Here are some must-know points about the central fin on a sup board:
– The fin of a stand up paddle board helps you go straight and also turn.
– Force it produces is directly related to its profile and surface area, the viscosity of the water and the speed of the board.
– The thinner the fin, the faster and more stable the board is at high speed.
– Larger the fin, the more surface area it has and the more it will help with stability.
– You can slide the central fin case forward or backward. The more you slide the fin backwards on your stand up paddle board, the more stable you will be and the more you will go straight.
– If you are in a race and there are a lot of buoy passages, slide the fin case forward to gain agility in turning.

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