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Removing wax from boards and stand up paddle boards

How to remove the wax that is sometimes put on his paddle surf, especially on sup longboard and even paddles?
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We will unveil different ways and methods to dewax your stand up paddle board. As a reminder, wax is paraffin that is rubbed on the board to prevent sliding. Frequent waxing results in the product accumulating, so it is good to dewax before every waxing. We know this can be a long process, and that one never knows where to start, so here are some tips.

First, place the board in the sun for a few minutes to soften the wax. If the sun is not shining, use a good ol’ hair dryer.

Then remove the softened wax with a plastic card (e.g.: a loyalty card) or a scraper designed for this purpose (see picture). Alternate between horizontal and vertical movements to get the most out.

To finish, use a paper towel and a bit white spirit for a sparkling result. You can also use other solvents, but this is not a very green option. Very hot water can do the trick too, but it seems that lemon-based organic cleaning solutions work very well too. Other 100% natural wax removers are available, VOC-free and nontoxic, like Greenfix Wax Remover – €9,00.

Run a cloth over your board several times to remove all traces. Let it dry and re-wax your board or paddle . Little bonus: video of the gorgeous Eli demonstrating the process.

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