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Washing and maintaining your wetsuit

How to wash and maintain your surf suit, here are some tips to keep it in good condition for as long as possible.
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Here are some tips to better maintain your neoprene wetsuit when you practise stand up paddle or surfing, and tips to clean or disinfect it after your sessions. First of all, bear in mind that neoprene does not like the sun! Sunlight tends to dry and discolour it, making it lose its properties. Some makers recommend machine-washing your wetsuit once or twice a year with cold water to give it back elasticity and get a perfect cleaning. Remember that a wetsuit is the perfect environment for microbes because of sweat, water and warmth, so make sure to take care of your body with these tips too.

– Avoid being naked under the suit. A swimsuit will avoid inconvenient fungal infections.
– Wash your wetsuit by hand with cold water, inside and out.
– Wash it under the shower, or in the bathtub under a few inches of water.
– Use a cleaning product such as shower gel or liquid detergent.
– To avoid bacteria, use an antibacterial solution. Some popular brands are Tribord, Rip Curl (Piss Off Rip Curl) or O’Neill. You can also use SeptiOne Neoprene or Septi+.
– Hang the wetsuit to dry on a wide hanger, in the shade and in a well ventilated area

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