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Stand up paddling with orcas and whales in Norway

Norwegian kitesurfer Kari Schibevaag shares with us one of her paddle sessions in the middle of the killer whales.
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Many thanks to Tromso Bo and WaterTrek for sending us these images that will certainly go round the world. The story takes place in Ersfjorden, outside Tromsø in Norway. There is an abundance of herring in the fjords this season, but it is very rare to see so many humpback whales and orcas show up in such large numbers. Bravery was necessary, on a sup board or kayak, to be in such cold waters and surrounded by this special company. Orcas are hunters, but they are also attracted to fishing boats as there may be fish scattered around. There are a number of commercial whale safari operators available, and everyone had a great experience.

These images should make you aware of what is happening in the Norwegian fjords. Beaches in northern Norway are littered with rubbish because of currents coming up from the English Channel, for example.

More information soon on the future site of WaterTrek.

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